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Cindy Copeland Talks Directing and Acting in Still Magnolias at the Vineyard Cafe Dinner Theater

Cindy Copeland, an actress and director, recently appeared on the Kelly talk show to discuss her work directing and acting in Still Magnolias at the Vineyard Cafe Dinner Theater. The play opened on July 27th and is sure to be a hit among audiences. During the interview, Copeland shared her experiences as both an actor and director, discussing the challenges and rewards of both roles. She revealed that as a director, her goal is to bring out the richness and truth of all the characters and their interactions. Copeland also emphasized the importance of storytelling and connecting with the audience emotionally. As an actor, Copeland plays the character of Truvy and spoke about the challenge of directing herself while also being part of the cast. Despite the difficulties, she finds the process manageable because of her strong visual skills and awareness of the other actors' movements on stage. Copeland has previously directed a two-man show, as well as worked on various other acting projects. She emphasized the importance of networking and building relationships within the industry to help advance her career. She encourages other aspiring actors to pursue their passions, take on new projects, and stay connected to other professionals in the field. Still Magnolias is a classic play that tells the story of a group of strong, supportive women based on a true story. Copeland's direction brings out the heart of the characters and creates an emotional impact on the audience. The Vineyard Cafe Dinner Theater provides a unique experience for theater-goers, with dinner included in the ticket price. If you are looking for a night out filled with heart, humor, and great food, consider checking out Still Magnolias at the Vineyard Cafe Dinner Theater. With Copeland's direction and acting, it is sure to be a memorable performance that will leave you feeling inspired.

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