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The Art of Being in a Band: A Conversation with Mike Watson

In a recent episode of The Kelly Talk Show, country singer-songwriter Mike Watson sat down with Kelly to discuss his music, band dynamics, and what it takes to keep a band together.
Watson, who grew up in a musical family and has been playing guitar since he was six years old, started his band in 1985 and has since released several albums and played all over Georgia and the Carolinas.
When asked about the struggles of keeping a band together, Watson admitted that it can be challenging to find the right replacement when a member quits. "You go through a lot of people, and it's always good players, but it's gotta be that fit," he said.
Despite the difficulties, Watson stressed the importance of not giving up and networking. "Most musicians, I think, are like me, that's been doing it sometime, and we usually know people that know people that know people. So, you know, just don't let the little things get in the way [of] the end goal," he advised.
When it comes to being the lead singer, Watson explained that he sang all his life and started playing guitar as a sideman. Over the years, he started singing more and got more confident. "It's all good," he said. "I still love it. You have to, or you wouldn't keep doing it."
Watson also touched on the hardships of being a musician, including moving equipment in and out of venues, driving long distances, and setting up and tearing down. "We get paid for booking the [shows], driving to 'em, letting [people] know, unloading equipment, setting up, tearing it back, downloading it back up. The music's free," he joked.
However, despite the challenges, Watson stressed that the love for music and the passion for performing are what sustain him through the hard times. "It really is like a relationship," he said. "During those hard times, you gotta love it enough to get through it."
At the end of the segment, Watson announced an upcoming event on September 7th at Copeland Hall in Bouton, Georgia, where he'll be performing with a couple of saxophone players. He encouraged fans to visit his website,, to learn more and purchase tickets.
Overall, Watson's insights shed light on the art of being in a band and the dedication and perseverance it takes to succeed in the music industry.

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